Shooting Rumi

Out beyond the fence
we stood
I to the right
against wrong
he in the field
dark faced
turning long

to me
he looked foreign –
illegal (I bet)
waiting to steal
an American job
(or two)
but not one
I would ever do

his family would follow
the whole brood
sucking and draining our
debt-laden coffers
better spent fighting
unchristianed evil
or easing oppressive
death taxes foisted upon
poor, wealthy farmers

I had no doubt
he was
a terrorist.
I looked in his eyes
and got a sense of
his soul
I just know
when I see one

turbaned, robed and
dangerous –
waiting for
cell orders
conspiring hell
on our borders
to obliterate…?
the fence!
and all that keeps
us safe and divided

then he began dancing
spinning, singing some
New Age love crap
about a guy named Shams
and I’ll be damned –
he’s one of them
terrorist foreign
muslin guys

I’d seen enough and
enough is enough
so I shot him.
then once more to be
sure and one for good
luck then I torched this
godless meadow (just
for good measure)

extremist folks
like this
just hate things
the things we love
they despise freedom
and how we never seek
revenge – only justice
from the truth we know to be true
out of love

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